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Air Conditioning

Air Comfort Service Corp. is headed by Tom Gindele and Anthony Spadaro. Tom founded Air Comfort Service Corp. in the wake of 9/11. Tom had over 25 years of experience in managing two large air conditioning/refrigeration companies before starting ACSC in 2001. With attention to details, his personal relationship with customers and providing quality service at a reasonable cost is credited for his success. A partner since 2006, Anthony has over 28 years of experience in high end commercial air conditioning equiptment service and installation. Anthony's technical expertise is unparalleled and has resulted in a high level of customer confidence in his diagnosis as well as the respect of the men he leads.


Air Comfort Refrigeration Corp lead by Pat Fava. Pat Fava brings over 30 years experience in the commercial refrigeration and food service industries to Air Comfort Refrigeration Corp. He provides consultation and technical expertise on equipment sales, installation and service maintenance agreements to clients, saving them time and money. Pat is known in the industry for his integrity, professionalism and for treating clients with respect

Cooking Equipment Service

Aircom Commercial Kitchen Corp. lead by Mitch Ott. Mitch brings 20 years experience in the high end sophisticated commercial cooking equipment industry. His professionalism and attention to details gives customers the utmost confidence there problems will be solved in a timely manner.


Creative strategies

Our highly qualified expert technicians have an average of over 20 years of experience in the industry. Being part of a nationwide parts research team ensures our customers of the quickest parts turnaround in the industry. That translates to proposals in hours, not weeks. Though constant communication our customers don't fall though the cracks.