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A Hotel Facilities Director wrote:

"One of the biggest expenses in our hotel was the refrigeration and ice machine repairs and maintenance. Since we have been doing business with Air Comfort, our repairs and maintenance have dropped by 30% over the last 2 years. Problems have been diagnosed quickly and the quality of the repairs is excellent. Your planned maintenance program has enabled us to properly schedule replacement parts that are necessary before costly repairs are needed. We plan to continue to utilize the expertise of Air Comfort."

A major corporate client told us:

"Air Comfort is a company that takes pride in their relationships with their clients. They are extremely trustworthy, honest, and friendly, and they take their business very, very seriously. This is a company we would highly recommend to any of our business colleagues that are looking for refrigeration and kitchen services."

A food service manager e-mailed:

"We have been doing service with your firm for over 2 years. We are satisfied with the quality of your firm's work, especially the promptness of service. The response time is most important, because as you know, we have a tremendous amount of refrigeration equipment, and the biggest concern is food safety. Your firm has always been most considerate of quick service response to our issues."